Pricing and Current Specials

Our Current Pricing Model

The TCMCR offers a competitive, worldwide monthly subscription model for program use, with prices in the local currency of each juristiction.

In Australia it is $25 AUD (GST inclusive)

In the United States, it is $15 USD, and

In the European Union it is €15 Euro and

In the Canada it is $22 CAD and

In the New Zealand it is $25 NZ

Note: If your clinic shares patients, just one TCMCR subscription can be used by all practitioners in your practice, saving you additional costs.

Coming soon, stay tuned for group practice options.

Webinar Special

Register and watch one of our webinars to obtain the webinar special

If you subscribe with the code shared in our webinars, you can use the TCMCR free for three months before going onto our normal great value pricing.

This offer is only for the rest of 2023, so act fast!